What our visitors say...

"I really enjoyed the exhibition and conference. It was great seeing the distribution stakeholders on exhibition and also hearing the Minister's assurance that power generation in the country will improve."

Emmanuel Chukwu, Principal Investment Officer, Ministry of Power, Nigeria


"This was my first time and I must say I was impressed with theofferings on renewable energy. It's been an enlightening event."

Mr Banjo, General Manager, BT Limited


"I was able to get a lot of the products I wanted but could not findeasily on the market. I look forward to attending the event next yearbecause it is a really great initiative."

Engr Atinuke Owolabi, MD/CEO, Wurvicat International


"There has been an array of reputable companies which I have beenable to patronise and this has been great for my business as I believethe authenticity of the products. The event has also been well organisedand a very good opportunity to network."

Timothy Wunle, Managing Director, Timproxy Limited


"The Power Nigeria Exhibition and conference has been wonderful.There is a ton of new products, new ideas, innovations and solutions. itwas also a great chance to network and meet professional colleagues Ihaven't seen in a long time"

Engr. Oladele Amoda, Managing Director & CEO, Eko Electricity Distribution Co.